However, If The Cramp Persists For More Than A Day, Application Of A Heating Pad Is Recommended To Reduce Muscle Soreness.

A sprained foot restricts the mobility and disrupts the daily activities. However, if the cramp persists for more than a day, application of a heating pad is recommended to reduce muscle soreness. ➞ Applying an elastic bandage on the foot would also promote healing. ➞ Massaging the cramped portion with an ointment or massage oil will help reduce muscle fatigue. ➞ Take nutritional supplements as per the prescribed dosage to correct electrolyte and nutritional deficiencies. of Essential Minerals and Vitamins: Deficiency of important minerals and vitamins like potassium, iodine and vitamin D in the body, is also one of the chief reasons for the occurrence of chronic cramps. Since ankle swelling and pain could be caused due to serious medical conditions, people affected by the aforementioned symptoms must consult a doctor immediately. Frequent pain in feet might lead to an embarrassing situation of relying on someone else for daily activities. Localized burning sensation can also be due to fungal infections. People who engage in regular high impact exercises like sports or dancing are susceptible to injuries that might cause pain. This usually occurs when people prefer to ladder on a surface that is not uniform. Just sit in a relaxing chair and put your feet in the tub. It is also known to reduce inflammation and pain linked with some stages of fungal infections.

Image: Shoppers walk through the Rideau Centre Drop & Go And Shop At the Nordstrom Rack location in Union Square, NYC, Nordstrom is currently testing its “Drop & Go” service, which allows consumers to skip the lines to the cashier and get straight to the business of making a return. “We don’t have a strategy around driving customers to return in store, but we know that having the convenience of being able to return at their local Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store is valuable to them,” said Tara Darrow, a spokesperson for Nordstrom. “While we hope this provides more time to shop, our primary focus was to improve speed and convenience.” The drop and go program will be rolling out more broadly in 2017, Darrow added. Bridging the Physical and Digital World Waiting in line to make a return in-store may be tedious, but even more annoying can be returning or exchanging gifts that were purchased from e-commerce sites. Not only might you have to make a trip to the post office or to UPS to initiate the returns process, you’ll have to wait days and days to have your wallet or store credit reimbursed. Happy Returns, a Santa Monica-based startup, is dedicated to “tackling the challenge of returning items that are purchased online,” as David Sobie, co-founder and CEO, puts it. Related: Many Stores Have Tightened Their Returns Rules The company, which is partnered with Tradesy and a few other e-commerce sites that do not have a brick-and-mortar presence, has several locations, or “return bars,” including in Westfield Topanga, Westfield San Francisco Centre, the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, and a few other dense retail areas. “Returns by mail are a pain point in shopping online,” said Sobie. “Return bars can be a win-win-win. It’s good for the customer who has the satisfaction of knowing the return is complete and they don’t have to deal with the [hassle] of return; it’s great for the [online retailer] because they’re able to solve a friction in commerce, and it’s terrific for the [brick-and-mortar retailer] because they’re getting a steady stream of foot traffic into their this website stores and a shopper doing a return is kind of the best possible foot traffic to get.” With late December and early January being the “high season of returns,” Sobie said that Happy Returns’ return bars are keeping busy, and that in the first quarter of 2017 the company will be rolling out pilots with some “large, household name retailers.” Shopping Online, Buying In-Store Last February, following its acquisition by Hudson’s Bay Company (the parent company of Saks Off 5th), rolled out a policy that allowed merchandise purchased on the site to be returned to any Saks Off 5th store in the U.S. The service is currently available to Gilt customers nationwide, in the more than 100 Saks Off 5th stores across the country.

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